New Post-Covid Challenges

The hotel and wellness sector has been significantly affected since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The results have shown that it is a sector, especially sensitive to variables that directly affect companies.

We must take into account the circumstances in which we live today, and as this has made it clear that for companies in the sector to react and adapt quickly and agilely to changes in the environment, they must have business strategies more flexible and adaptable. Whenever possible, we must adapt our companies in terms of operating systems, and if necessary change course to ensure resilience and competitiveness.

Today, each of the tourist establishments should have a minimum of instruments and measures that allow them to carry out analyzes and make decisions intelligently, both at an operational level, as well as revenue management and sales. Also, we must take into account the great advantages of adding wellness, medical and paramedical services with the best and most advanced technologies today.

Currently there are almost infinite tools that we can count on, however, it is important to identify which ones are best suited according to the size and / or type of business, taking into account that today the tools selected must be the highest quality.

Finally, in a world in which businesses are far from being before and that is still fighting against Covid-19, in addition to changes at the service level, they must carry out a transformation in all their cleaning protocols and operating models, based on a germ-aware public the likes of which have never been seen.

At Ananda, we are more clear than ever that although great changes have emerged on the scene, changes in wellness services are the key to optimizing revenue.



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